MK International Inc.
MK International Inc.
1983.10 Established Mass Korean(M.K) Trading Corporation in Korea.
  1984.08 Established Representing Office of Devitt Engineering of USA in Korea
Procurement of Construction Materials and general commodities.
  1985.09 Registered M.K Trading Corporation in Seoul, Korea.
  1986.10 Established M.K Nigeria Limited (International Trading, Engineering
and Consulting Engineers)
  1987.06 Established Jointventure Firm of Wood Industry in Pakistan
  1988.02 Appointed as Representative of Korea-Nigeria Association of
  1988.04 Equity Shareholder of Autopak Nigeria Ltd.
  1988.06 Changed name of Company as M.K International Inc. from M.K
Trading Corp.
  1989.12 Established and registered the M.K Manufacturing Corp., KongJu, Korea.
1990.10 Achievement Merit Awarded "Export Tower" by President of Korea.
  1991.02 Appointed Chairman Company of Korea-Nigeria Association of
Businessmen (KONIAB)
  1993.11 Achievement Merit Awarded given by Minister of Commerce
&Industry of Korea.
  1994.09 Established M.K Malawi Limited.
  1994.10 Appointed as Chairman of Korea-Madagascar Association of Businessmen.
  1994.11 Invite as Researcher of Sub Saharan Regions/World Bank
  1995.05 Registered M.K USA Ltd. in MS USA
  1995.09 Appointed as Director General of Korea-Africa Association (KOAFA)
  1996.09 Invited by World Bank Symposium in Antananarivo, Madagasca
  1996.10 Established M.K Bangladesh Ltd.
  1997.09 Invited as a Asia-Africa Expert Group in Kenya by World Bank
    Established M.K Lanka Ltd. (For Manufacturing of Construction Materials)
    Invited as a Expert Group Meeting by UNDP
    Organized M.K Exhibition in Colombo, Sri-Lanka
  1998.05 Organized M.K Exhibition in UlanBator, Mongolia
  1999.06 Board of Director Locate Africa, Newyork ,UN
  1999.08 Organized Asia-Africa Business Forum: Workshop in Seoul, Korea
    Participate to Asia-Africa Business Forum- KL Malaysia as a
committee member
    Organized the African Sculpture Exhibition in Seoul.
    Established M.K Mongolia
°„Near West Selbe UB, Mongolia  °„Yanji City, China   °„M.KPlaza, Youngdeungpo,

  °„6-places of WAL- MART   °„6-places of MACRO   °„Country Club Consulting
MK International Inc.